Our Herd

Meet the Horses Who Call Hunkapi Home

Our four-legged healers come from all different backgrounds. Each horse has been lovingly adopted by Hunkapi via donation or rescue organizations. Their stories are amazing and will touch your heart. The horses of Hunkapi are the life and blood of our program. They give tirelessly every day of the year and touch so many lives through our Therapeutic Riding program, and other services. Please sponsor a Hunkapi herd member today.

We are always looking for new herd members to join our program. If you have a horse you would like to donate, please contact us at (480) 393-0870 or  love@hunkapi.org and complete the paperwork below for either horse donation or horse loan!

Horse Sponsorship Levels

$6,000: Provides a horse with new shoes and farrier visit, regular immunizations, worming, vet exam and nutritional supplements for a full year, plus a new halter, fly mask and all feeding and care.

$2,400: Provides a spacious stall, clean shavings, water, misters in the summer, a fan, and automatic fly control system.

$500: Provides a horse with immunizations, nutritional supplements, and worming for six months.

$100: Provides a horse with a month of new shoes and farrier visits.

$60: Provides a horse with hay and/or grain twice a day for one month.

One-time giving and monthly, sustainable giving options available.

Introducing the Hens of Hunkapi and our Sophisticated Swine

The Farm wouldn't be a farm without a flock of hens or a pair of pigs, would it?  Our chickens and pigs are more than just farm animals, however.  Every day the Hens of Hunkapi offer their fluffy feathers as teaching tools for gentle touch, lightness of voice and the pleasure of stillness, while our pair of Sophisticated Swine offer an opportunity to experience curiosity and non-judgemental acceptance.  Please sponsor a Hunkapi Farm Animal today. Sponsorship levels range from $40, which provides a month of feed and care for the pigs, to $120, which will feed the hens for 2 weeks, to $500 to build a new patience building pig pen. 

One-time giving and monthly, sustainable giving options available.

Princess Image


Princess (I am assertive).

Princess is the smallest member of the Hunkapi herd, sitting at just about 8.1 hands. She is a miniature horse who is small but mighty. She used to live with a bull on a ranch in Camp Verde, AZ. Princess was owned by the land owner of Hunkapi Farms and when he died he wanted her to come to the farm to live the remainder of her days. When he was alive, she used to ride with him in his convertible between Camp Verde and Scottsdale! Princess loves to be a diva and teaches others to be just as assertive as she is.



Apache (I am Calm).

Apache is a former western pleasure Appaloosa who is almost always sure to win the slow contest unless he is by Teddy. His slow, take-it-easy nature, makes everyone calm around him as they move one foot at a time towards progress . He’s loves it when people sing to him and teaches others to take life one day at time and to be calm and patient through it all.



Pistol (I am Affectionate).

Pistol is Hunkapi’s resident sweetheart and is sure to make your heart swoon. He has been a life long lesson horse and treats each session in the arena like a pro. He loves working with our Therapeutic Riding clients and stashing food in his stall, so you can find him at any given time munchin’ on his personal pantry of hay. When he’s out working, you will often see kids hugging him around his neck and letting their worries melt away.



Grandpa (I am Honest).

Grandpa is a Holsteiner who was retired from the Hunter Jumper circuit in California. Over the years, he has learned how to escape any situation. Now that he’s here at Hunkapi, Grandpa uses his years of experience to teach others to be honest in their words and body language when they ride him to build a strong, trusting relationship with him.



Zippy (I am Warrior).

Zippy, is an American Paint who is always looking forward to his next bath, grooming, or petting. Zippy is a ginormous lover who will spend hours rubbing on you and is ready to fall head over heels for just about anyone, but don’t let his love of love fool you, he is always ready to take on a new challenge and obstacle on the trail with anyone on his back!




Alfie (I am confident).

Alfie is a retired Grand Prix Jumper from Encinitas, California. Alfie is a 17.5 hand Swiss Warmblood whose grandeur is absolutely majestic. Alfie is an assertive guy and teaches others to be confident and to believe in themselves.



Teddy (I am trustworthy).

Teddy is the oldest member of the Hunkapi herd. While we do not know too much about Teddy’s past, we know that a traumatic injury caused him to lose his eye prior to his time here. Still, Teddy has learned to live with one eye and now uses his nose to figure out exactly where people are. Teddy is both wise and playful, has not lost a step in his old age, and continues to teach others to trust themselves and others.



Buddy (I am miraculous)

Buddy is a paint horse who spent his younger years in Peoria with his family. Buddy was donated on Christmas Day to Hunkapi Programs, and we decided to take a chance on using him as a therapy horse. Buddy has been a miracle worker ever since. His calm, steadfast demeanor quiets children with the full spectrum of disabilities on a daily basis. His quiet energy allows him to carry little riders who are afraid and gives them the opportunity to learn, socialize and play in a way that makes everyone smile. It is a miracle to watch Buddy when he is in his element. 

Patrick the pig


Clarabelle (I am gentle).

Clarabelle's past is one of mystery but we know that it was traumatic. She is a gentle soul who learns to be loved and accepted. She loves to be brushed and is learning to come out of her shell. Clarabelle teaches the importance of a gentle touch and being calm.



Gilbert (I am resilient).


Gilbert came to the farm after being rescued on the side of the road in Gilbert, Arizona when he was just one day old. He is the farm baby and thinks he is just another dog. He loves to run with the dog pack, steal yummy food from the other horses, and scratch his growing horns. Gilbert also likes licking everything in sight and sleeping by the fire. 



Jimmy (I am love).

Jimmy is one of the larger members of Hunkapi’s herd and a native of the Netherlands. Jimmy is a Dutch Warmblood and has traveled the world as an Olympic horse. Here at Hunkapi. Jimmy teaches poise by carrying riders through the arena like a perfect gentleman, and love when he nestles his giant head into their hearts for pets and hugs.



Ariel (I am Safe).

Ariel is a small Arabian who was rescued by an Angel just for our program. Her gentle spirit and small stature make even the most fearful feel safe. Ariel loves bubble baths and flowers in her hair.

Catherine the Chicken


Hens of Hunkapi (I am the still in your sit) .

Little did we know when Hunkapi was gifted 12 hens or shortly afterwards when we adopted 12 more, that that these feathered additions to the farm would be just the medicine many of our kids with abuse and neglect needed to quiet their nervous systems before meeting the horses. Today, you’ll often find a group of dis-regulated kiddos feeding, watering or sitting with the hens. Watch as within moments their voices quiet, their bodies still, and they’re sitting in the straw petting one of the hens. In there, they learn to touch gently, speak  lightly, and to find the stillness in sitting.



Moonrise (I am Patient).

Moonrise, more commonly known as “Moonie,” is a black and white paint that was retired to Hunkapi after living in California and swimming in the ocean with his first owner. Now, Moonie, is one of the most relied upon Therapeutic Riding horses because he is so reliable and patient with special needs children. You can often see him walking down our driveways lead by a young child in a wheel chair or standing patiently at our mounting ramp. He teaches everyone in his presence to take a breath and just relax.



Blue Duck (I am Forgiving).

Blue Duck, a quarter horse, knows what it is like to experience trauma, having been rescued from a kill pen in Texas just before arriving at Hunkapi. His traumatic past allows Blue to relate to many of the Hunkapi clients and help them overcome their own traumas.



Rango (I am Energy).

Rango is a futurity Quarter Horse and was retired to Hunkapi. His small stature, and beautiful coat make him inviting to pet and love on. He loves to be groomed, but is equally ready to be energetic and fun in the arena. You can often find our kids giggling on his back through the arena.

Patrick the pig


Patrick (I am respectful).

Patrick is one of two beloved pigs at the farm. He enjoys living a mellow life and wandering around the farm, getting belly rubs, and finding mud holes in our gardens. He is the most gentle of the two pigs and always respects your space. He even puts himself to bed on time every night, making parenting this pig a dream.



Hope (I am hopeful).

In October of 2019, the Hunkapi team put out a call to the community asking for a draft horse who needed a second life. We found #0234 at a kill pen in Texas only 2 days from slaughter. We shipped her out from Texas and renamed her Hope. Hope is a gentle soul who wants nothing more than to be hugged. She is a daily reminder to always have hope and that second chances are always possible.



Sunshine (I am Powerful).

Sunshine is a Warmblood and is a big presence in our herd. He is retired as a Grand Prix level jumper and is enjoying his second part of life as a therapeutic riding horse. Sunshine enjoys hanging out and taking part in little schemes with his best friend Shy. Together, they enjoy spreading out their meals all over their entire paddock, playing with the red ball, and visiting with the pigs. In the arena, Sunshine teaches others to be powerful and understand the influence they have.

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