Meet the Horses Who Call Hunkapi Home

Our four-legged healers come from all different backgrounds. Each horse has been lovingly adopted by Hunkapi Programs, Inc. via donation or rescue organizations. Their stories are amazing and will touch your heart. 

Hunkapi’s horses are the life of our program. They give tirelessly every day of the year and touch so many lives through our  therapeutic riding program, and other services. Please sponsor a Hunkapi herd member today. 

We are always looking for new herd members to join our program. If you have a horse you would like to donate, please contact us.
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Princess is the smallest member of the Hunkapi herd, sitting at just about 8.1 hands. She is a miniature horse who is small but mighty. Princess loves to be a diva and teaches others to be just as assertive as she is.



Raised by Apache Lake, Arizona, Shy is part Belgian Draft horse and his mom looks just like Doc. He loves long walks on the beach, playing with his red ball, and when Lulu the pig visits his pen. Even though his name is Shy, his name should really be Curious and his temperament allows him to be a fabulous therapy horse at the age of just 8. In the arena, Shy is a master at being assertive and teaches others to set boundaries.



Meet Zippy, an American Paint who is always looking forward to his next bath, grooming, or petting. Zippy is ginormous lover who will spend hours rubbing on you and is ready to fall head over heels for just about anyone. As an original member of Hunkapi since the beginning, Zippy has his job down-pat and teaches others to maintain safety while having loads of fun! 



Teddy is the oldest member of the Hunkapi herd. While we do not know too much about Teddy’s past, we know that a traumatic injury caused him to lose his eye prior to his time here. Still, Teddy has learned to live with one eye and now uses his nose to figure out exactly where people are. Teddy is both wise and playful, has not lost a step in his old age, and continues to teach others to trust themselves and others.



Grace is a Belgian Warmblood all the way from Santa Barbara, California. Grace is a typical California girl: you can always find her basking in the Arizona sun. She loves her job and teaches others to find the joy in every moment.



Meet Doc, the BIGGEST member of the Hunkapi herd, resting at 16.25 hands and weighing just about 2,000 pounds. Doc is a Belgian Draft horse and a Phoenix local, but used to pull carriages for an Amish Community. Here at Hunkapi, Doc uses his big personality to teach stability.



Alfie is a retired Grand Prix Jumper from Encinitas, California. Alfie is a 17.5 hand Swiss Warmblood whose grandeur is absolutely majestic. Alfie is an assertive guy and teaches others to be confident and to believe in themselves.



Kanunu is by-far the most playful and strong member of the Hunkapi herd. Kanunu is from Encinitas, California and shines in the arena by teaching others to set boundaries and respect their personal space. He is a big goofball and is sure to push his way into your heart.



This is Jimmy, one of the larger members of Hunkapi’s herd and a native of the Netherlands. Jimmy is a Dutch Warmblood and has traveled the world as an Olympic horse. Here at Hunkapi. Jimmy teaches poise by being both a gentleman and loving giant.



Meet Moonrise, more commonly known as “Moonie,” Hunkapi’s resident black and white Paint. As a Del Mar, California local, Moonie used to spend his time swimming in the ocean. Now, Moonie is loved for being reliable and patient and for teaching others to take a breath and just relax.


The Stable Eternal

Gone from our herd, but not from our hearts