Horse Play is anything but business as usual

In just three purposeful hours, our facilitators and four-legged business coaches can create ah-ha moments, shift dynamics, and create new behaviors and concrete change in the workplace.

Check your suits and grab your boots

A fresh leap on team-building that will challenge your herd to move mindfully towards greater productivity, communication and satisfaction.

We’ve all done them—the ziplines, the climbing walls, the orienteering challenges. These staple team-building exercises can certainly be helpful, but sometimes you need something truly original to drive your employees to come together as a herd.Does your team feel?Unproductive? Disconnected? Unmotivated? Disgruntled?

Take three hours to positively transform your team

Our world class facilitators will professionally integrate your pre-determined goals into each activity into the arena, highlighting the strengths of each team member and knocking down barriers to performance.

Why choose Horse Play over a similar team-building program elsewhere?

Our four-legged business coaches bring challenges to light in an indisputable fashion, while our facilitator creates an environment of openness, learning, and change.

Horseplay is more than just a fun exercise—it’s an investment in your work force

Horses provide immediate feedback about your group dynamics. When your team works together in a positive way, only then is the collective goal accomplished.

Horses require that we are our authentic self. An afternoon in the arena with them heightens openness, awareness, and opportunity to see leadership potential.

The horses brought out my truest self. I found an inner strength and courage I never knew I had.

Horse Play Participant, San Diego, CA