Thank you for your interest in Hunkapi Programs! We are always looking for dedicated professionals to join our team. Below are the listings of jobs we are looking to fill. 

If you would like to be considered for a position not listed below, please send your resume and cover sheet to love@hunkapi.org so we can keep you in mind if a position were to become available!


Clinical Director 


The Clinical Director, in collaboration with the senior management team, interviews, hires and oversees the clinical staff at Hunkapi Programs. They monitor progress of, and provide weekly clinical supervision for unlicensed/uncertified clinical staff as well as provide guidance and training services for Hunkapi staff and volunteers. The Clinical Director also serves as an administrator and liaison with Hunkapi clients by assisting with interventions and crisis management, drafting initial counseling work-up forms, reviewing client documents and communicating their progress. The Clinical Director also participates in marketing and community relations and participates in forums, luncheons and other community outreach and networking functions.


  •    M.S. in Psychology, Counseling or Social Work, plus three years of directly related experience; or an equivalent combination of                          education and experience.
  •     Must have a fundamental understanding of counseling theory and behavioral management techniques.
  •     Clinical and supervisory experience required
  •     Managerial and business experience preferred
  •     Excellent counseling skills for special needs clients
  •     Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •     Ability to work well and interact with a diverse group of people
  •     Independent State Behavioral Health License required
  •     Must have fingerprint clearance issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety or be eligible to receive within eight (8) weeks of hire.
  •     Experience working with horses


     1.     Continually assesses program content to ensure sound, viable and up-to-date/cutting edge clinical practice.

     2.     Reviews clinical documents and ensures they are signed in a timely manner in accordance with contract regulations.

     3.     Provides clinical supervision which complies with the objectives and regulations of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)

     4.     Supports and assists with clinical issues by providing sound clinical oversight and support to program staff, as needed (i.e. difficult case                     management, crisis intervention, and responsible health care).

     5.     Keeps clients’ best interests in mind.

     6.     Facilitates one group session per week and one in-service every two months.

     7.     Communicates performance objectives with staff and regularly evaluates staff performance to ensure they are on track with their objectives.

     8.     Monitors and ensures compliance with contractual objectives.

     9.     Strives to improve Hunkapi Programs’ financial outcomes by working within budget constraints and maximizing client contract potential (i.e.                 assisting in obtaining out-patient licensure status)

    10.    Ensures clinical staff work time is scheduled and used efficiently and that overtime hours are awarded minimally (clinical staff will work 90%               or above the criteria set).

    11.    Participates in development of annual department strategic plan, and demonstrates initiative to fulfill plan goals, self-monitor progress, and                 report outcomes to their supervisor.

    12.    Researches and identifies potential funding opportunities.

    13.    Balances the overarching goals and objectives of the senior management team with daily clinical practices.

    14.    Maintains a flexible schedule to be “on call.”

    15.    The scope of the Clinical Director is subject to change, as needed, to ensure the ability to comply with and adequately meet the services                     and needs of Hunkapi’s clinical programs and department.

TO APPLY: Send your resume and cover sheet to love@hunkapi.org.

Animal Care Manager


The Animal Care Manager is responsible for outlining, scheduling, documenting and assisting with the care and maintenance of Hunkapi Programs’ equine herd. They will communicate any maintenance needs to their supervisor and make sure Hunkapi Programs’ staff and volunteers understand the needs of each animal. The Animal Care Manager will assist with the husbandry of other farm animals, as needed.


  •    Extensive knowledge (10+ years) of animal husbandry and/or degree in animal husbandry, plus 8 years of         experience.
  •    Possesses a strong background working with and caring for horses and a fundamental understanding of equine        behavior
  •    Observant and detail oriented
  •    Remains focused on routine tasks
  •    Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •    Ability to work well and interact with a diverse group of people
  •    Must have fingerprint clearance issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety or be eligible to receive within eight (8) weeks of hire.


    1.    Develops a maintenance plan for each Hunkapi Programs’ animal, including nutritional management, health care regimens and scheduling                 of vet and farrier care.

    2.    Ensures all animals are fed, watered and cared for according to their respective maintenance plans.

    3.    Oversees and assists with barn cleanliness and maintenance, including cleaning of stalls, feed rooms and tack rooms.

    4.    Monitors health and behavior of animals daily, and communicates any injuries, diseases or abnormal behaviors to supervisor and/or other                   appointed personnel.

    5.    Inventories each animal and weighs them to ensure their nutritional needs are met and documents each animal’s care and procedures.

    6.    Consults with supervisor to create a turn-out schedule so each animal has daily time in a large size-appropriate paddock. Ensure the                           schedule and paddock are in compliance with the National Institute of Health guidelines.

    7.    Completes and forwards required administrative paperwork when animals are relocated off site.

    8.    Transports animals and supplies to designated locations, as needed.

    9.    Assesses each animal’s needs for winter blankets and facilitates the process.

    10.  Creates a horse usage chart and weight chart to ensure each horse is used in moderation and assigned appropriate weights for the clients                 who ride them.

    11.  Communicates with Volunteer Coordinator the volunteer needs for animal and barn maintenance.

    12.  Works with and oversees volunteers assisting with animal and barn care.

    13.  Communicates with Hunkapi Program’s staff the maintenance needs of each animal.

    14.  The scope of the Animal Care Manager is subject to change, as needed, to ensure the ability to adequately meet the needs of Hunkapi                       Programs.

TO APPLY: Send your resume and cover sheet to love@hunkapi.org.