Move Mindfully Monday: Present Moment Focus

Posted on Apr 11, 2016

ROCKEYStay. It’s the opposite of what we want to do when we feel physical or emotional pain. Stay anyway. Stay in the vulnerability. Study it. Get curious about it. Invite it to tea. Stay. The answers to “Why is this happening to me?” lie in the ability to stay, no matter how much you squirm in discomfort.  When we “ stay” present to the pain we have the opportunity to notice it ebb, flow, and change. We also have the opportunity to notice the thoughts we associate with the pain and whether they are in fact relevant and rational. Stay.

This Move Mindfully Monday is brought to you in remembrance of Rocky, the horse that was strong and steady enough for me to fall at his feet in my most broken state…and stay. He would’ve been 34 this year and I feel his presence almost every day. Here is a little snippet from my blog just after my fiancé called off our wedding and I ran to Rocky.

[He told me he wasn’t happy. He didn’t think I loved him. He said it was over and that he couldn’t marry me… And in that moment, speechless and unable to breathe, to hear and comprehend that the words coming out of his mouth were real, it registered that this Ironman could never log enough miles to give me the endurance to keep me from buckling to my knees. In that gut wrenching, grasping for any hope moment, as I watched him get off the couch and walk away, I did what I have done since I was ten….I put my shoes on and sprinted for my horse. And there, in the safety of his stall, under the stars, Rocky stood; staring, breathing, knowing and I fell to my knees sobbing, vulnerable, needing, and unable to endure.] 

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