Move Mindfully Monday: Old Men and Horses

Posted on Jun 20, 2016

IMG_5312By Our Very Own Bob Locke

Old men and horses… the words they said, still run through my head.
“Boy, get outta that colt’s face and slow down damn it,
This ain’t no horse race!”
“Take those spurs off. You don’t know what they’re for!”
“They’re for teachin’ a horse, not makin’ a score!”
“You keep snatchin’ that mare’s face, you’re gunna get hurt!”
“So quit ridin’ like some green horn jerk!”

“There ain’t never been a colt that couldn’t be rode,” I’d crow.
“Yeah, and there ain’t never been a boy, that couldn’t be throwed,” they’d reply

Old men and horses have taught me a lot about life.
I sure wish I’d listened more to that part about God, drinkin’ and how to treat my sweet wife.

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