Elaine Helton, PATH Certified Riding Instructor

Elaine HeltonElaine first began her journey at Hunkapi the summer of 2015, working as an intern through Hunkapi’s joint program with Arizona State University. Since then, Elaine has obtained a dual Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Psychology, and has joined Hunkapi’s staff as a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. At Hunkapi, Elaine loves having the opportunity to watch children progress through the stages of riding, as well as the chance to appreciate the connection her riders develop with their horses. When she’s not teaching lessons at Hunkapi, Elaine enjoys spending time with her horse, Pallis, and her dog. Currently, Elaine is working to complete a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, and hopes to become a board-certified behavior analyst, continuing to work with children diagnosed with Autism to decrease problem behaviors.